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Technic Vinyl is proud to be a distributor of Katzkin leather seat covers in Quebec.

What is katzkin?

Katzkin is the world’s leading provider of premium custom leather interiors. Each custom interior it manufactures is designed to blend the subtle character of each vehicle with the unique personality of the driver. A special combination of unmatched craftsmanship and style, Katzkin has developed world-class engineering and extraordinary design capabilities.

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Katzkin is the first custom leather seating manufacturer!

Whether you are purchasing a new vehicle or upgrading your current one, when you add a handcrafted Katzkin leather interior, you instantly transform your vehicle by adding good looks, value and years of lasting performance

Katzkin leather cover kits have been specially designed to meet the specifications of your car, truck or SUV for over 35 years.

The finest imported automotive leathers come in a full range of colors, numerous options, and almost unlimited design choices. Choosing a Katzkin design will add personality and unique style to your vehicle.

Easy to clean, they add resale value to your vehicle, and you can add temperature controls to your seats, among other things.

Katzkin interiors completely replace all of your vehicle’s fabric content. They are covered by a 3-year/60,000 km warranty on over 120 different colors and materials.

The KATZKIN advantages

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This way, we are able to offer you the right Katzkin leather covers for your car model.

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